The Hash Auger API is an HTTP based service that provides JSON data objects to web browsers and third party applications. Refer to the Configuring the API wiki page for a guide on network settings that may need to be adjusted to access the API from other computers, services and devices such as smartphones.

Web Dashboard

A web dashboard is included with Hash Auger and can be accessed at /dashboard when the API is enabled. In addition to displaying current mining information, the dashboard can also send remote commands if the API is configured to allow them. See the Web Dashboard wiki page for details.

Developer API Reference

This reference provides developers with a list of available commands and their allowed parameters.

API Integrations

The following is a list of third party software and services that utilize the Hash Auger API:

  • HABot by FOMOBOTS - this bot provides members of the Hash Auger Discord server the ability to remotely query their mining rigs to see current mining stats.
  • PG Miner Bench - PG Miner Bench is an automated benchmarking and tuning utility for Nvidia GPUs. Instead of manually testing various combinations of overclock settings, simply let PG Miner Bench find the optimal settings for each GPU. PG Miner Bench can then copy those algorithm specific overclock settings to Hash Auger via the API.