The Benchmark command is used to benchmark one or more algorithms with a user-defined list of mining programs for one or more GPUs. Each mining program is added to the parameter list with the key being the name of the miner as it is in the Hash Auger config files and the value being a list of algorithms to benchmark using that miner.


ids [list of ints or strings] required
the list of GPUs. Use either index numbers or UUIDs
<minername> [list of strings] required
each key is the name of the mining program with its value being the list of algorithms to benchmark using that program. Multiple instances of this parameter, each with a unique miner name, can be used in the same API request.
duration [int] optional
the number of seconds to benchmark each algorithm for. If this parameter is not specified or under sixty seconds, the software will use the current application setting.


//benchmarking two algorithms for one mining program on one GPU
    "command": "benchmark",
    "parameters": {"ids": [0],
    "t-rex":  ["x16r", "x16s" ]  }


//Benchmarking different algorithms on two different mining programs with two GPUs using a custom duration.
    "command": "benchmark",
    "parameters": {
        "ids": [0, 1],
        "duration": 240,
        "t-rex":  ["x16r", "x16s" ],
        "z-enemy":  ["x17" ]



The Benchmark command is available starting in version 2.8.2 of Hash Auger.

If any of the specified GPUs are currently mining when the Benchmark command is received, Hash Auger will stop mining with those GPUs and run the specified benchmarks instead.