The GetBenchmarks command is used to retrieve benchmark information for one or more GPUs. Optional parameters allow the listed of benchmark data to also be filtered by mining program and/or algorithm.


ids optional
the list of GPUs to filter the benchmarks by. Use either the GPU index number or UUID.
algos optional
limit the returned benchmarks to one or more specific algorithms, defined as a list of strings.
miners optional
filter the benchmarks by one or more mining programs, defined as a list of strings.


// getting all benchmarks for all GPUs
    "command": "GetBenchmarks",
    "parameters": {    }

//Getting all benchmarks for the x16r and x16s algorithms for all GPUs.
    "command": "GetBenchmarks",
    "parameters": {
        "algos": ["x16r", "x16s"]

//Getting benchmark data for the x17 algorithm for the z-enemy miner for all GPUs 
    "command": "GetBenchmarks",
    "parameters": {
        "algos": ["x17"],
        "miners": ["z-enemy"]

//Getting benchmark data for the x22i algorithm for the t-rex miner for GPU0 
    "command": "GetBenchmarks",
    "parameters": {
        "ids": [0],
        "algos": ["x22i"],
        "miners": ["t-rex"]


a list of one or more benchmark objects that use the following structure:

algorithm [string]
the name of the algorithm used in the benchmark record. This must match the name used in the Hash Auger config files.
miner [string]
the name of the mining program use in the . Must match the name of a mining program in the miner config files.
true if the algorithm/miner combination should be enabled.
coreoffset [int]
the core clock offset.
deviceID [string]
the unique ID of the GPU in the format of GPU0, GPU1, etc.
In mining programs that support this parameter, this setting can be used to multiply the pool assigned difficulty by a static value to increase it (values greater than 100) or decrease it (values less than 100).
hashrate [decimal]
the benchmarked hash rate that the software will use to calculate earnings estimates for any work that would use this algorithm with this mining program. When setting the hash rate for a benchmark, the unit parameter must also be provided.
hashperwatt [decimal]
the number of hashes produced by each watt of power consumption while mining this algorithm using this miner with the specified GPU(s).
intensity [decimal]
the intensity level to set the mining program to when mining this algorithm.
manualdiff [decimal]: this parameter will be used to set a static starting difficulty on pools that support this feature.
: memoffset [int]
the memory clock offset.
powerlimit [int]
the power limit %.
templimit [int]
the temperature limit (in C).
unit [string]
the unit that the hash rate is measured in. Including this is only necessary when a hash rate is being set for the same benchmark record. Must be one of the following: hs, khs, mhs, ghs, ths, phs, ehs.
useOC [bool]
indicates whether or not custom overclock settings should be used when mining this algorithm with this miner on the specified GPUs. Any overclock settings will be ignored if this value is false or a GPU has overclock settings disabled.


This GetBenchmarks command is available in version 2.8.9 and later of Hash Auger.