While Hash Auger supports a basic restful API to obtain data, the recommended method of executing commands is to post JSON command objects to /api. Each command object is defined using the following structure:

{ command: <commandname>,
  key: <apikey>,
  parameters: <parameters> }
command [string]
can be any one of the supported commands listed below.
key [string]
the Read Only or Full Access key. Remote management commands require the Full Access key if it is defined in the software's API config.
parameters [string, string hashmap/dictionary ]
the key is the parameter name and the value is the parameter value. Different commands accept various parameters

In addition to requiring the Full Access key if one is being used, remote commands also require the Enable Remote Commands setting to be enabled. The software will also ignore some commands during certain operations, such as mining the daily developer contribution or when a GPU is being benchmarked.

Each API request returns an object with the following format:

{ result,
  timestamp }
an object or list of objects that are returned from the API call. This may also be a status message based on the type of command or an error message if the command was not successful.
the UTC time and date of the response.

Currently the following remote management commands are supported:

Additionally, these commands may be used to retrieve data:

Code Examples