The SetGPUOC command is used to see overclock settings for one or more GPUs. This command only accepts one settings object as a parameter, so all GPUs identified in the IDs parameter will be assigned the same settings.

GPU overclock settings are used in Hash Auger when overclock settings have not been defined for the algorithm that the GPU is about to start mining. The Use OC Settings option has to be enabled on a GPU for Hash Auger to use default or algorithm-specific overclock settings for that GPU.


ids required
the list of GPUs that be updated. Use either the GPU index number or UUID.
a single object with the following structure:
coreoffset [int] optional
the core clock offset.
fanspeed [int] optional
the fan speed percentage.
memoffset [int] optional
the memory clock offset.
powerlimit [int] optional
the power limit %.
templimit [int] optional
the temperature limit (in C).
useOC [bool] optional
indicates whether or not overclock settings should be used with this GPU. This setting will apply to both the GPU's default settings plus any algorithm-specific settings.


//setting core clock, memory clock and power limit settings on a single GPU
    "command": "setgpuoc",
    "parameters": {
        "ids": [0],
        "settings": {
            "coreoffset": 150,
            "memoffset": -500,
            "powerlimit": 70,
            "useoc": "true"


This SetGPUOC command is available in version 2.8.3 and later of Hash Auger.