The Summaries command shows current work and operating statistics about each GPU.


id [int ] [optional]
Filters the results to a single GPU; this is a zero-based index that should correspond to the PCI Bus index. Do not include this parameter if you want to return all GPUs in the results.


//returns summaries for all GPUs
    "command": "summaries",
    "parameters": ""

//returns a summary for GPU 1 only
    "command": "summaries",
    "parameters": {"id":1 }



number [integer]
the numeric (PCI Bus) ID of the GPU
the description of the GPU
a unique string id that follows the pattern of GPU + number (ex: GPU0)
enabled [boolean]
whether the GPU is currently enabled in Hash Auger
an object containing information about the GPU's current hardware as reported by the NVML API. This information is only available if GPU Monitoring is enabled in Hash Auger.
  • coreclock [integer]: current core clock speed in MHz
  • fanspeed [integer]: the GPU's fan speed percentage
  • memclock [integer]: current memory clock speed in mhz
  • temp [integer]: current temperature in C
  • utilization [integer]: current percent of GPU utilization
  • powerdraw [integer]: current power consumption in watts
an object describing the GPU's current mining activity. Most of this data will be null or an empty string if the GPU is not currently used for mining.
  • accepted [integer]: accepted results
  • algorithm: the name of the current algorithm
  • coin: the name of the current coin or auto-switch if mining on a port with multiple coins.
  • hashrate [decimal]: current hash rate reported by the miner.
  • miner: the current mining program
  • pool: the current pool
  • total [integer] total number of results submitted to the pool.
  • unit: the hash rate's unit of measurement
the GPU's uuid