The following is the Hash Auger change log. Due to the various sources that were used to compile this information, older entries may not be in the same format. Visit the Hash Auger Download Page to download the latest release.

Hash Auger 2.11.2

  • Updates T-Rex to 19.12 (bug fixes)
  • Updates Gminer to 2.49 (improvements to DAG generation).

Hash Auger 2.11.1

  • Updates Gminer to 2.47 (bug fixes and other improvements)

Hash Auger 2.11.0

  • Adds support for HashCryptos pool - this pool requires activation of your wallet address on their site before you can start earning
  • Updates Gminer to 2.46
  • Fixes an issue accessing account balances on MiningPoolHub

Hash Auger 2.10.9

  • Adds a workaround for Nicehash's broken API so that pending balances can be included in earnings tracking. Unfortunately this requires adding a second permission to an API Key. Since the Nicehash website doesn't allow users to add permissions to existing API keys, a new API key will have to be created. Be sure to delete any old keys. Instructions for creating a key can be found at:
  • Sets VerusMiner as a default instead of an optional miner.
  • Removes most pools that don't auto-exchange since they don't appear to be maintained or profitable for GPU Mining.

Hash Auger 2.10.8

  • Updated Gminer to 2.45 (performance improvements for Ethash and Kawpow algorithms)
  • Updated MiniZ to 1.7x4 (improvements to connection detection).
  • Added support for new US and Europe NiceHash locations.
  • After upgrading to this version, users may need to reset their Nicehash regions. Also, it is not known if and for how long Nicehash will continue to operate the old regions; It is recommended that users switch to the four new regions until NiceHash clarifies the situation.

Hash Auger 2.10.7

  • Updated T-Rex to 19.11 (bug fixes)
  • Updated MiniZ to 1.7x2 (adds support for kawpow and ethash; removes Equihash 150, 3; bug fixes and performance improvements for some algorithms).
  • Fixed a display issue with the balance and earnings charts.

Hash Auger 2.10.6

  • Updated T-Rex to 19.10
  • Fixed a config issue so that the software will no longer try to mine Cryptonight-GPU with Xmrig-Nvidia.

Hash Auger 2.10.5

  • Updated T-Rex to 19.9
  • Updated Gminer to 2.44

Hash Auger 2.10.4

  • Updated XMrig-Nvidia to 6.7.2 (Adds support for RandomX, RandomARQ and RandomWOW)
  • Updated Gminer to 2.42
  • Add support for cryptonight-haven, cryptonight-upx, megabtx and megamex algorithms
  • Removed obsolete algorithms and miners
  • Fixed issue with downloading in-app updates.

Hash Auger 2.10.3

  • Updated T-Rex to 19.7
  • Updated Cryptodredge to 25/26 depending on installed Nvidia driver version.
  • Added support for downloading Cuda 11 miners based on installed driver version.
  • Re-added online update check using new server.

Hash Auger 2.10.2

  • Updated Gminer to 2.41

Hash Auger 2.10.1

  • Updated Gminer to 2.39
  • Fixed an issue with GPU Monitoring if the NVML.dll driver is missing or has been altered (as with the Nvidia 460.79 release). This version of the video drivers will prevent GPU Monitoring from working due to changes it makes to this dll file. If you install this version or later of the Nvidia drivers, you'll need to COPY the large version (~1050 KB) of the NVML.dll file from the Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\… directory (do a search for this file as the directory name varies) to the same directory that the HashAuger.exe file is installed to in order for GPU Monitoring to access the GPU information.
  • Fixed an issue with some miners not being reset if they stop generating new results after several minutes.

Hash Auger 2.10.0

  • Added earnings tracking support for NiceHash v2 wallets. You will need to create a key using the NiceHash website (only the View Balances wallet permission is required) and enter the Organization Id, API Key and API Secret into the NiceHash settings in Hash Auger.

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 2.38
  • Updated T-Rex to 19.5

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 2.35 (removed some obsolete algorithms).
  • Updated MiniZ to 1.6x
  • Updated T-Rex to 19.4
  • Removed scheduled donation option; Please use the BTC address in the Setup tab if you would like to buy the dev a cup of coffee or send a small gift of thanks.

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 2.33
  • Updated T-Rex to 19.1
  • Added support for ecthash, ethash and octopus algorithms using T-Rex

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 2.30
  • Updated T-Rex to latest release
  • Misc bug fixes.

Hash Auger

  • Fixed issue when mining on Zergpool with Ethminer.
  • Updated Gminer to version 2.21
  • Updated CryptoDredge to latest release.

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 2.20; added support for BeamHashIII

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 2.19.
  • Updated MiniZ to latest release.

Hash Auger

  • Updated T-Rex to 15.6
  • Updated MiniZ to 1.5t3 (performance improvements for Equihash 125,4 and Equihash 150,5,3)

Hash Auger

  • Updated T-Rex to 15.5
  • Updated Z-Enemy to 2.5 (adds support for Kawpow)

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 2.09
  • Updated T-Rex to 15.3 (adds support for kawpow, progpow and mtp-tcr)
  • Updated CCMiner-MTP to 1.3.2

Hash Auger 2.9.9

  • Updated Gminer to 2.05
  • Misc bug fixes and improvements

Hash Auger 2.9.8

  • Reduced daily developer contribution to just 5 minutes per day.
  • Updated Gminer to 1.92 (adds support for CryptoNightBBC)

Hash Auger

  • Updated GMiner to 1.88 (misc fixes).

Hash Auger

  • Added support for Cryptonight/Saber on Zergpool
  • Fixed issues with Xmrig connecting to Nicehash.
  • Fixed issues with CryptoDredge not connecting to some Cryptonight ports on Zergpool.

Hash Auger

  • Updated Xmrig-nvidia to Xmrig 5.1.1 (adds support for Cryptonight/GPU and other Cryptonight variants).
  • Added support for Cryptonight/GPU on Zergpool.

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.82 (CuckooCycle29 performance improvements)

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.79 (Grin31 improvements and misc fixes).
  • Klaust miner no longer downloads by default for new installations (set download to true in packages.json if you want HA to download this mining program).

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.75 (Grin31 performance improvements)
  • Updated MiniZ to 1.5s (performance improvements for some algorithms).

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.73 (adds support for mining Ethash on NiceHash and MiningPoolHub)

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.71 (adds support for Ethash but not currently compatible with Nicehash)
  • Hash Auger will not longer remove config files for GPUs it is unable to detect, rather those devices will be marked as disabled.

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.70 (adds support for the BFC algorithm).
  • Updated MiniZ to 1.5r (hash rate improvements for most GPUs, bug fixes).

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.68 (cuckaroo performance improvements).
  • Updated T-Rex to 14.6 (fixes)
  • Misc bug fixes

Hash Auger

  • Updated CryptoDredge to 22 (adds support for x16Rv2)
  • Updated Z-Enemy to 2.3 (z16Rv2 performance improvements).
  • Removed Hash Refinery since the pool is closing.

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.67 (Grin29 performance improvements for RTX GPUs).

Hash Auger

  • Updated Z-Enemy to 2.2 (adds support for x16rv2).
  • Updated T-Rex to 14.4 (adds support for x16rv2).
  • Updated Gminer to 1.66 (Grin29 performance improvements).

Hash Auger

  • Fixed issues where the wrong stratum urls might be used for Grin and Equihash150 on Nicehash

Hash Auger

  • Added support for Phi2-lux port on Zergpool
  • Updated Gminer to 1.65

Hash Auger 2.9.7

  • Code cleanup removing support for old Nicehash platform.
  • Updated Gminer to 1.64
  • Updated MiniZ to 1.5q6 (fixes invalid Beam2 shares, performance improvements for Equihash 192,7 and Beam2).

Hash Auger

  • Fixed issue mining Equihash variants on
  • Updated Spmod-Raven to 13 (x16r2 and x17 performance improvements for RTX GPUs)
  • Removed support for old Nicehash platform.

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.62 (Zelcash performance improvements for RTX GPUs)
  • Update Spmod-Raven to 12 (performance improvements for RTX GPUs, adds support for x16r2)

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.61 (bug fixes and performance improvements).
  • Misc fixes.

Hash Auger

  • Updated MiniZ to 1.5q2 (performance improvements and bug fixes).

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.59 (BeamII performance improvements and bug fixes).

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.55 (BeamII bug fixes).
  • Updated MiniZ to 1.5p (adds BeamII support, lower CPU utilization)
  • Adds support for Beamv2 on Nicehash.

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.54 (bug fixes)
  • Updated CryptoDredge to 21 (bug fixes and support for new Aragon variants).
  • Updated T-Rex to 13.2 (bug fixes).
  • Misc fixes

Hash Auger

  • Updated T-Rex to 13.1 (bug fixes)
  • Updated CCMiner-MTP to 1.2 (fixes pool connection issues).

Hash Auger

  • Updated T-Rex to 13 (re-adds support for dedal algorithm).
  • Updated coin data with more Equihash144 and Equihash192 based coins.

Hash Auger

  • Updated CCMiner-MTP to 1.1.26 (fixes crashes related to assigning threads to multiple GPUs).
  • Added support for party and solo mining on

Hash Auger

  • Updated CCMiner-MTP to 1.1.25 (fixes pool connection crashes).
  • Updated Gminer to 1.53 (performance improvements for RTX GPUs).

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.52 (faster Equihash 144,5 and Equihash 192,7 on RTX GPUs).
  • Added the ability to specify the Earnings Tracking Amount in Fiat for BTC wallets. Enter a fiat value in your currency and Hash Auger will automatically update the hourly earnings target to reflect the current exchange rate.

Hash Auger

  • Updated Z-Enemy to 2.1 (performance and stability improvements).
  • Added support for the new Grin fork (Grincuckarood29) algorithm on the new Nicehash platform.

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.51 (support for new Grin29 and Beam hard forks; fixes misc bugs).

Hash Auger

  • Misc bug fixes

Hash Auger 2.9.6

  • Reduced dev contribution to 10 minutes per day.
  • Added support for NiceHash's new platform. In HA, this is called Nicehashv2 and if the user has separate Nicehash internal wallets or uses external wallets, they can switch between both platforms as long as the old platform is online. This version does not support for displaying wallet balances and earnings tracking Nicehashv2.

Hash Auger

  • Added support for BMW-512
  • Fixed an issue loading user-defined miners when a corresponding entry was not also created in the userpackages.json file.

Hash Auger

  • Added support for Lyra2z330.
  • Fixed a globalization issue setting wallet earnings target in some regions.

Hash Auger

  • Updated CryptoDredge to 20.2 (performance improvements for x16r, x16s, x16rt and x21s algorithms, slight MTP improvements for RTX GPUs, fixes bug with -nonvml parameter).

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.5 (Equihash150 and Equihash125 performance improvements for RTX GPUs).
  • Fixed an issue specifying additional command parameters for MiniZ miner.

Hash Auger

  • Updated CCMiner-MTP to 1.1.23 (stability improvements).
  • Updated MiniZ to 1.4o (adds support for Aion and Equihash125,4)
  • Adds a new target earnings feature. Add an hourly earnings goal to a wallet and the Earnings tab will show the difference between your actual earnings and target amount for each earnings period.

Hash Auger

  • Updated CCMiner-MTP to 1.1.22.
  • Updated T-Rex to .12.1 (MTP improvements).

Hash Auger 2.9.5

  • Updated Gminer to 1.47 (Grin and Aeternity speed improvements, support for Zelcash's new Equihash125 algorithm).
  • Updated CCMiner-MTP to 1.1.20 (mining speed improvements).
  • Updated Yescrypt miner
  • Updated T-Rex to version .12 (adds support for Honeycomb algorithm).
  • Added support for CCMiner-Verus.
  • Requires .Net 4.8.
  • Misc bug fixes.

Hash Auger

  • Fixed an issue when importing overclock settings from PG Miner Bench with certain miners such as Tpruvot.
  • Increased the maximum intensity setting for Tpruvot.
  • Misc fixes and improvements.

Hash Auger

  • Fixed issues related to internet connection monitoring.
  • Improvements to Idle Mining Email notifications to automatically try to start mining when sending the first couple alerts.

Hash Auger

  • Adjusted accepted share monitoring for certain algorithms.

Hash Auger

  • Fixed compatibility issues with some ports on MiningPoolHub.

Hash Auger

  • Updated CryptoDredge to 20.1 (bug fixes and MTP improvements)
  • Updated Klaust to 8.2.5 (bug fixes)
  • Updated T-Rex to 11.1 (significant x25x improvements)
  • Improved compatibility with NLPool's new Equihash192 port
  • Improved detection of miner communication errors
  • Fixes an issue where automatic mining would not start if there was not an internet connection when the software first launched.

Hash Auger

  • Updated XMRig-Nividia to 2.14.4
  • Updated MiniZ to 1.3n5
  • Updated GMiner to 1.45 (Grin29 and Aeternity improvements).
  • Updated Klaust to 8.2.4 (adds Lyra2v3 support).
  • Removed miners such as Excavator, EWBF and older versions of CCMiner that can only mine algorithms that are no longer profitable.
  • Removed unprofitable algorithms such as the original Equihash and Lyra2v2.
  • Misc bug fixes.

Hash Auger

  • Updated Z-Enemy to 2.0 (misc bug fixes).
  • Updated Gminer to 1.44

Hash Auger

  • Updated T-Rex to 11 (adds support for Suqa/Sin's new x25x algorithm).
  • Updated Gminer to 1.43 (minor Equihash 144,5 and 192,7 improvements plus support for Aeternity on NiceHash).
  • Updated Ethminer to 17.1
  • Added support for Aeternity/CuckooCycle on Nicehash

Hash Auger

  • Added support for Argon2d250 and Argon2d4096 on Zergpool.
  • Added support for new Lux port on
  • Updated T-Rex to version 10.2 (adds support for MTP algorithm).
  • Removed some mining pools that have either shutdown or are no longer compatible.

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.42 (Beam hash rate improvements for some GPUs).

Hash Auger

  • Updated CryptoDredge to 19 (MTP improvements, new argon2d variants and other fixes).

Hash Auger

  • Updated GMiner to 1.41 (Equihash 150,5/Beam performance improvements).

Hash Auger

  • Updated MiniZ to 1.3n3 (misc fixes)
  • Updated GMiner to 1.40 (Beam Equihash 150,5 performance improvements).

Hash Auger

  • Updated MiniZ miner to 1.3n (adds Beam Equihash 150,5 support).
  • Updated GMiner to 1.39 (Equihash 144,5 speed improvements and fixes).
  • Fixed an issue related to suspending GPUs for high temperature.
  • Fixed an issue related to suspending pools for communication errors.

Hash Auger

  • Added a new Idle Rig email notification that will send an email alert if the software is running but mining has not started after a user-adjustable number of minutes.
  • Updated GMiner to 1.38
  • Update CCMiner-MTP to 1.1.17 (misc fixes).

Hash Auger

  • Updated GMiner to 1.37 (minor performance improvement for Grin29).

Hash Auger

  • Workaround for the MiniZ issue so that version 1.2M of that miner can be used.
  • Misc UI performance improvements and fixes.

Hash Auger

  • Reverts MiniZ back to version 1.2L due to an issue with that version of the miner.

Hash Auger

  • Updates MiniZ to version 1.2M (hash rate improvements for Equihash 144,5 and Equihash 192,7. Performance improvements for Nvidia RTX GPUs).

Hash Auger

  • Updates CryptoDredge to .18 (adds argon-2D, improved compatibility for mining MTP on NiceHash).
  • Updates CCMiner-MTP to 1.1.16 (kernel improvements).
  • Improvements to GPU detection.

Hash Auger

  • Added a new Switching option to the Advanced Config tab called Assign the Same Work to Every GPU. As the name implies, when this option is enabled, Hash Auger will calculate the most profitable work for the entire rig and assign it to every GPU. Each GPU will still mine with its own miner instance for better error handling and configurability than running all GPUs in a single instance. This new setting is intended for rigs that use the same or similar models of GPU.

Hash Auger 2.9.4

  • Updated MiniZ to 1.2l (Equihash 144 improvements and adds support for Equihash 197 variant).
  • Misc fixes.

Hash Auger

  • Updated GMiner to 1.36 (Reduced CPU usage when mining Grin; adds ability to adjust GPU intensity).

Hash Auger

  • Updated ccminer-MTP to 1.1.14 (MTP bug fixes and small hash rate improvement).
  • Updated GMiner to 1.35 (Grin29 hash rate improvements).

Hash Auger

  • Updated MiniZ to 1.1k (Equihash 144 improvements and adds support for Equihash 92).
  • Misc bug fixes.

Hash Auger

  • Updated GMiner to 1.34 (pool-side hash rate improvements for Grin).

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.33 (faster Grin29 hash rates for most GPUs).

Hash Auger

  • Added support for Veil (x16rt) on
  • Updated CryptoDredge to .17 (new algorithm Grin29 is currently disabled due to several issues including not being compatible with NiceHash).
  • Removed Starpool since the mining pool shutdown.
  • Misc bug fixes and UI performance improvements.

Hash Auger

  • Fixed an issue where electricity use was not being saved for Grin31.
  • Updated XmRig-Nvidia to 2.11
  • Misc bug fixes and UI performance improvements.

Hash Auger

  • Fixed an issue where benchmark hash rates were not being recorded for Grin31.
  • Fixed an issue with using the MC Parameter with solo/party mining on Zergpool.

Hash Auger 2.9.3

  • Improved error handling of GMiner connection errors.
  • Added support for the Zap parameter on Zpool to mine specific coins in addition to the auto-switch ports.
  • Updated GMiner to 1.31 (adds support for Grin31 on Nicehash - but requires GPUs with more than 8 GB RAM).
  • Users can now manually resume mining when a GPU is temporarily suspended due to high temperature using the manual mining button on each GPU panel in Setup tab. However, the software will suspend the GPU again if the temperature is still above the user-defined limit.
  • UI performance improvements and misc bug fixes.

Hash Auger

  • Updated Gminer to 1.29 (Performance improvements for Grin29 algorithm).
  • Adds support for Party and Solo mining modes on Zergpool.

Hash Auger

  • Updated T-Rex to 9.2 (supports Gin coin mining with x16rt ).
  • Updated Gminer to 1.28 (improves NiceHash compatibility with Beam and Grin algorithms).
  • Compatibility improvements with Grin29 mining on NiceHash.

Hash Auger 2.9.2

  • Added support for Aragon2D GPU miner.
  • Added support for Lyra2v3 on Nicehash and MiningPoolHub.
  • Added support for Grin (Cuckaroo29) on Nicehash.
  • Updated CryptoDredge to 16.2 (misc fixes)
  • Updated Tpruvot miner to 2.3.1 (adds blake2b, exosis, lyra2v3 and sha256q algorithms).
  • The built-in web dashboard now indicates when a GPU is suspended due to too many miner errors.
  • Improved handling of situations when a pool API fails to respond to a request.

Hash Auger

  • Updated GMiner to 1.25 which fixes a Beam compatibility issue with NiceHash as well as provides improved beam mining performance.

Hash Auger 2.9.1

  • Added support for Beam on NiceHash.
  • Improved filtering of the GPU Coin drop-down list to exclude algorithms that are disabled for the selected pool.
  • Improved compatibility with Bitcash (cuckoo algorithm) on NLPool.

Hash Auger

  • Added support for CCMiner-MTP.
  • Fixed an issue that some users were having loading benchmark data due to the removal of DSTM miner.

Hash Auger 2.9.0

  • Added support for GMiner (version 1.23).
  • Added the ability to include extra password parameters for Yiimp pools, such as custom payout limits.
  • Added support for Equihash 150,5 (Beam coin).
  • Users can now filter coins that will be used with Zergpool's MC parameter. Enter the symbols of the coins that you would like to mine in the MC Coins column of the pool's Algorithms grid and Hash Auger will switch only between those coins when using the MC Parameter. Any coins whose symbols are not entered will be excluded from the earnings estimates. Coins are entered per algorithm; for example, enter RVN for x16r and PGN for x16s. Use commas between symbols (ex: PGN,XSH for 16s).
  • Updated Ethminer to version 17.
  • Updated XMRig to 2.9.4
  • Updated MiniZ to 1.0j (small performance improvement for Equihash 144,5).
  • Removed support for DSTM miner since Equihash has not been profitable to mine on GPUs for a long time. New users can manually install Excavator if they would like to mine Equihash.

Hash Auger

  • Re-added ZergPool to the pools that auto-exchange.
  • Modified the use of the EthPill so that Hash Auger can automatically start it for any algorithm instead of just Ethash. Simply go to the Benchmarks tab for any 1080/1080ti GPU and select the Use EthPill? column for each algorithm you wish to run the EthPill with.
  • Fixed a couple issues related to Peak Energy settings.

Hash Auger

  • Updated CryptoDredge to version 16.1 (fixes for x16r, x16r and MTP; removes: blake2s, exosis,lbk3, polytimos and skein algorithms).
  • Fixed an issue where the watchdog utility might not be started in some situations.
  • Fixed a stability issue that can occur when a GPU is no longer detected by the video driver.
  • Added a new SetAPISwitching API call to disable the software's switching features when the API is being used to programmatically set mining tasks.

Hash Auger

  • Updated CryptoDredge to version 16 (adds support for x16rt and Lyra2zz, plus bug fixes).
  • Updated T-Rex to 9.1 (adds support for x16rt and sha256q; minor performance increases for some algorithms).

Hash Auger

  • Updated CryptoDredge to version 15.2 (MTP improvements).
  • Misc bug fixes and UI performance improvements.

Hash Auger 2.8.9

  • Added support for MiniZ miner (Equihash 144,5 / Zhash on NiceHash).
  • Added new pool pricing option to adjust estimates based on price movement to create a preference for work that is gaining in value.
  • Added new API commands: GetBenchmarks, GetEnabledPools and SetPoolEnabled
  • Improvements to estimate averaging to further reduce the likelihood of switching work due to brief price swings.

Hash Auger

  • Updated T-Rex to 8.9 (hash rate improvements for BCD, x16r, x16s, x22i and others).

Hash Auger

  • Updated Z-Enemy to 1.28 (hash rate improvements for BCD, x16, hex and other algorithms).

Hash Auger 2.8.8

  • Updated T-Rex to 8.8 (adds add astralhash, jeonghash, padihash, pawelhash; x16, skunk and x22 performance improvements).
  • Added new command line parameters: -nowatchdog, -skipupdates
  • Misc code enhancements to the API.

Hash Auger

  • Updated CryptoDredge to 14 (support for Lyra2v3 plus hash rate improvements for skunk and x22i).
  • Replaced SubscriberPool with TechnicalsPool as the pool is changing names and urls.
  • Adjustments to benchmark averaging to remove outliers from calculations.

Hash Auger

  • Fixed an issue where mining might be resumed even when all profits are negative and the software is not configured to mine at a loss.
  • UI improvements to some panels to make them more accommodating to low resolution displays.

Hash Auger

  • Fixed an issue where config.xml file would not save for some new users based on configuration settings.

Hash Auger 2.8.7

  • Updated Z-Enemy to 1.27 (faster hash rates for x16, hex, bcd and other algorithms).
  • Removed myr-gyr and blake2s from default algorithms. Lyra2v2 and Equihash are now disabled by default due to low profitability when mined by GPUs.
  • Improved compatibility with pools that use CloudFlare.
  • Improved support for lyra2v2c0ban algorithm and the c0ban coin.
  • Added support for solo and party mining on
  • Improved 7z compatibility on some rigs.
  • Streamlined installer by unbundling some utilities and only downloading them when needed.
  • Added new Discount Large Price Swings pricing option for most pools to further reduce the likelihood of switching work due to unprofitable price swings.
  • Added Allow Mining at a Loss option to the device Profitability tab to have the software continue mining on GPUs set to profit-based switching when all estimated profits are negative. When used, the software will try to minimize losses by selecting the most efficient miner/algorithm combination.

Hash Auger

  • Updated T-Rex to version 8.5 (faster x22i hash rates, fixes RTX performance regression).
  • Added GPUHot to the pools that do not auto-exchange.

Hash Auger

  • Added support for Z-Enemy 1.26 (improved hash rates for several algorithms, removed renesis support).
  • Renesis algorithm has been removed from the default config files since it is an inactive project.

Hash Auger

  • Added support for T-Rex 8.4 (faster hash rates for x22i).

Hash Auger

  • Added support for CryptoDredge 0.13 (performance improvements for x22i and skunk, added x21s and Lyra2vc0banHash algorithms).

Hash Auger 2.8.6

  • Re-enabled support of Phi Phi Pool and its new US and EU servers now that connectivity issues have been resolved for most algorithms.
  • Added support for the new ZHash algorithm on NiceHash. For consistency with other pools, it is called Equihash144 in Hash Auger.
  • Added support for server regions.
  • Improved compatibility with MinerMore pool.
  • Removed several pools that are no longer online.
  • Streamlined the in-app update process so that the installer is run automatically after downloading the update.
  • Fixed issues involving filtering of benchmark data when some mining programs could not be downloaded.
  • When run in silent mode with the /S switch, the Hash Auger Installer will now automatically launch the software to streamline deployment to multiple rigs.

Hash Auger 2.8.5

  • Hash Auger no longer downloads older mining programs by default to streamline the setup process for new users. Existing users are unaffected and new users can edit the packages.json file to have the software download these programs.
  • Benchmark information is now filtered to exclude entries for mining programs that have not been downloaded and those miners are disabled in the Benchmark Utility.
  • Updated CryptoDredge to version 12 to support the new dedal (Numus coin) and pipe (UOUCoin) algorithms.
  • Updated T-Rex to version 8.3 support x21s (Ritocoin).

Hash Auger 2.8.4

  • Updated T-Rex to 8.2 (adds support for the dedal algorithm plus skunk and x22i improvements).
  • Improved handling of GPU config files when cards are physically removed or added to a rig.
  • Improvements to the data file update process.

Hash Auger

  • Updated T-Rex to 8.1 (significant improvements to x22i and bug fixes).
  • Updated Z-Enemy to 1.25 (performance improvements for several algorithms).
  • Adds optional email notifications of new versions of the software.

Hash Auger

  • Updated CryptoDredge to version 11 (performance improvements for several algorithms plus adds x16 support).

Hash Auger 2.8.3

  • Updated T-Rex to version 8 (performance improvements for x16, new Geek algorithm).
  • The web dashboard now shows alerts for each GPU that is temperature suspended, price suspended, peak energy suspended or benchmarking.
  • Added benchmark information and the ability to restart the software to the web dashboard.
  • Added the following API commands: CommandsAllowed, IsReady, RestartApp, SetGPUOC
  • Added a new API config setting to allow remote application restarts.
  • Per user request, the minimum switch interval has been lowered from 5 to 2 minutes. The default is still 10 minutes.
  • Added a new integrated proxy server where an instance of Hash Auger can provide cached pool data to other rigs running Hash Auger on a local network to avoid API usage limits on some pools. This proxy server only caches raw pool data, so each rig still switches independently of one another. Also, the cached web data update cycle is independent of the host rig's pool refresh rate to ensure that each rig is getting the most recent data.
  • Added a backup region setting to pools that have servers in more than one location.

Hash Auger

  • Updates Z-Enemy to 1.24v3 to fix an issue with hex hash rates.

Hash Auger 2.8.2

  • Updated Z-Enemy to 1.24v2 (faster hash rates for skunk, polytimos, phi, hex, x16 and tribus plus more improvements for 20 series GPUs).
  • UI and content adjustments to the web dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue with GPU monitoring if a GPU is physically replaced in the rig.
  • Added the ability to export earnings data in an xml file containing the total earnings per day and per pool.
  • Added a new earnings per day chart to show total earnings per pool/day for up to the last seven days.
  • Added support for email notifications when:
      • HA is rebooting the rig due to device driver or GPU issues.
      • When a GPU or the device driver is having issues but the software is not set to reboot the rig
      • When a GPU has reached its temperature suspension limit and HA will pause mining with it.
      • When a GPU temperature has fallen to the point that HA will mine with it again.
  • Added two new API commands: Benchmark and SetBenchmarks.
  • The Benchmark Utility now uses specific algorithm lists for each selected mining program instead of benchmarking all selected algorithms for every program.

Hash Auger 2.8.1

  • Adds support for CryptoDredge 10 (faster performance for some algorithms and adds hmq1725).
  • The web dashboard and API now support enabling and disabling specific GPUs.
  • The API now supports the ability to switch algorithms between any enabled pool.
  • Improvements to the web service to better handle situations where a rig may be assigned multiple IP addresses.

Hash Auger

  • Adds support for T-Rex .7.4 (small performance improvement for skunk and x16, bug fixes).

Hash Auger 2.8.0

  • Adds support for CryptoDredge 9.7 (x22i, faster skunk and bug fixes).
  • Adds support for T-Rex .7.3 (small performance increases and bug fixes).
  • Adds a new mobile and browser friendly web dashboard available at \dashboard when the web API is enabled.
  • Hash Auger now downloads Cuda SDK versions of CryptoDredge, T-Rex and Z-Enemy miners based on the device driver version. Previously, Hash Auger used the Cuda 9.2 version of these and other miners. Existing HA users running Cuda 10 Nvidia drivers will be updated to the Cuda 10 versions when they install this release. All other mining programs will continue to use Cuda 9.2 or lower versions until Cuda 10 versions are released.
  • Adds two API keys (readonly and full) to control access to the API and dashboard.
  • Changes to the API to improve usability with 3rd party tools.
  • Adds support for IceMining's new anycast stratum server instead of using region specific servers.
  • The number of decimal places used by a coin's blockchain API is now user-adjustable on the Wallet Earnings tab.
  • Fixes an issue with assigning CryptoDredge miner processes to individual CPU Cores with certain combinations of installed GPUs and CPUs.

Hash Auger

  • Adds support for Z-Enemy 1.23 (optimized for 20-series GPUs, slight performance improvements for 10 series GPUs and bug fixes).
  • Streamlined the config update experience when the watchdog is enabled.
  • Adjusted the downloading of pool data to accomodate pools with strict API usage restrictions.
  • Adjusted the downloading of pool data to accomodate pools with strict API usage restrictions.

Hash Auger

  • Adds support for CryptoDredge 9.5 (adds bitcore and x17 algorithms plus bug fixes).

Hash Auger 2.7.7

  • Updated xmrig-nvidia to 2.8.4 (bug fixes and faster cv8 hash rates).
  • Added support for cryptonight and cryptonight heavy algorithms for CryptoDredge.
  • Algorithm aliases can now be defined in the miner config files to accomodate miners that use non-standard algorithm names for parameters.
  • Added API commands to remotely start and stop mining and pause and resume algorithm switching.
  • Added a Clear Errors button to the GPU settings to reset a GPU's current error status if the GPU was suspended due to issues with the mining programs and not because of hardware or device driver issues.
  • Improved formatting of worker IDs for
  • Improvements to the Build Larger Shares pool setting.
  • Fixed an issue where the temperature suspend was sometimes overriden by the idle GPU detection.

Hash Auger 2.7.6

  • Upgrades CryptoDredge to 9.4 (adds support for bcd, c11, exosis and polytimos algorithms, faster skunk hash rates).
  • Improvements related to handling redundant miner processes.

Hash Auger 2.7.5

  • Upgrades T-Rex to .7.2 (adds support for sha256t, timetravel and x22i algorithms)
  • Adds support for elevated CPU processor priorities when using T-Rex.
  • Adds Ignore Price Spike Limit pricing option for pools to disable price spike limit filtering for some pools.
  • Improved handling of miners that spawn another process after they crash.
  • Improved handling of pool communication errors when using T-Rex miner.
  • UI improvements

Hash Auger 2.7.4

  • Updates CryptoDredge to 9.3 (allium and Phi2 improvements)
  • Update Zjazz to 1.2 (bug fixes)
  • Performance and reliability improvements when downloading API data from pools.
  • Adds the ability to retrieve wallet balance information from blockchain explorer APIs and display it in the earnings tab. In order to use this feature, the blockchain API server must return the balance as a number. Use the <addr> placeholder to indicate where the wallet address should be used in the API's url; for example:<addr>/balance to return a Bitcoin balance. Alternatively, HA will append the wallet address to the end of the url if the <addr> placeholder is not included as in Users should note that not all coins provide wallet balances via APIs and some, such as internal NiceHash wallets, are not accessible via explorers.
  • Adds support for Icemining's new Hong Kong server.
  • Adds support for party mining on BSoD pool. Simply enable the party mode setting on the pool's pricing tab and enter the password of the party you want to join. Since pricing data is not available for solo-mining or party-mining, it is recommended to only use those modes when mining specific coins and not switching work.

Hash Auger 2.7.3

  • Adds support for the new CryptoNightV8 algorithm on NiceHash.
  • Removes Phi-Phi-Pool from the default list of pools due to connection issues for most users. Users not having problems connecting to this pool can be add it to their userpools.json file.
  • Adds support for solo-mining on BSoD pool. When this setting is enabled on the pool's Pricing settings, Hash Auger will pass the appropriate parameter to the pool and adjust the pool fees used in algorithm switching calculations accordingly.
  • Coin estimates can now be retrieved via the web API.
  • The worker ID is now appended to the wallet address on BSoD pool.
  • Fixed an issue where rows in the Pool Rates grid might be duplicated for some pools that do not auto-exchange.
  • UI performance improvements when loading data from some pools that do not auto-exchange.

Hash Auger 2.7.2

  • Added support for BlockMaster's new EU server. Existing users mining on this pool should select the nearest region before mining.
  • Updated XMRig-Nvidia to 2.8.1 to support the upcoming Monero hardfork.

Hash Auger 2.7.1

  • Upgraded Zjazz miner to 1.0 (adds x22i SUQA support)
  • Fixed an issue where ports without recent blocks were included for some pools regardless of the pool settings.
  • Modified the watchdog program to shutdown all instances of the software if more than one is running.
  • Improved algorithm switching if the current BTC exchange rate is not currently available to due to connectivity issues.
  • Re-enabled support for the x11evo algorithm used to mine Revolver on
  • Added support for the new southeast Asia server on

Hash Auger 2.7.0

  • Removed Zergpool from the software.
  • Users can now download new versions of the config files to update mining programs, pools and coins without waiting for a full software update.
  • Added the ability to add nearly any CCMiner-compatible miner to the software via the user config files.
  • Users can also add Yiimp-based pools to the software via the userpools config file.
  • The current Bitcoin exchange rate is now displayed beneath the wallet balances.
  • Improvements to shutting down miner processes.
  • Fixed an issue where the software will not retrieve pool data until the next refresh interval if there is not an internet connection available at startup.
  • Improvements to internet connection monitoring.
  • Updated Klaust to 8.23 (bug fixes)
  • Updated Ethminer to 16.1 (bug fixes).
  • Added to the pools that do not auto-exchange
  • UI performance improvements.

Hash Auger 2.6.3

  • Updated T-Rex to .7 (slightly better hash rates for some algorithms, stability improvements). * Also, this version allows for better integration with Hash Auger so that the miner processes are no longer opened in separate windows.
  • Improved multithreading during the file download process to reduce startup times when miner archives are slow to download.
  • Added algorithm and miner progress to the miner panels during benchmarking.
  • Revised tooltip formatting to reflect recent UI adjustments.

Hash Auger 2.6.2

  • Updated Z-Enemy to 1.22 (faster hash rates for most algos).
  • Minimum Earnings Amount now filters the Profitability grid based on whether the GPU is revenue or profit switching mode.
  • The Setup panel has been simplified and better organized by giving the Config options more space in the main area. Advanced config options are now grouped by type.
  • In the Quick Setup utility, fixed a localization issue with the Cost per KW field and an issue where the pool may not be enabled if only the first one is selected.

Hash Auger 2.6.1

  • Added support for ZJazz .98 miner for Cuckoo Cycle (Merit and BitCash) mining.
  • Added support for a user-definable list of coins that is not altered by software updates (refer to the Wiki article at:
  • Added the ability to access wallet balances and earnings summaries via the API. For security and privacy, wallet addresses are not returned by the API - only the name set by the user and the ID assigned by the software.
  • Adjustments to device utilization monitoring to prevent false alarms when a pool is slow to provide work at startup.
  • Improvements to the internet connection check to reduce false alarms and improve app responsiveness when the connection is temporarily unavailable.
  • Miner error messages now include a category to help identify the cause of the error.
  • Improvements to the watchdog process to prevent it from being accidentally closed during an app crash. When the watchdog is running, users are now asked if they want to shut it down when they exit the Hash Auger software.
  • The GPU Monitoring interval is now user-adjustable (the default is 10 seconds) in the Advanced Config tab.
  • Improvements to the miner download process.
  • Fixes an issue where redirected miner windows might not be hidden.
  • UI tweaks to improve legibility in some panels.

Hash Auger 2.6.0

  • Added NLPool.NL to the pools that auto-exchange.
  • Added a web-accessible API server for querying Hash Auger mining stats as JSON objects. Refer to the API Reference included in the installation folder for usage.
  • Added support for the lbk3 algorithm that Vertical coin will be switching to (available on the pool).
  • Added fan speed % to the GPU Monitoring statistics.
  • Expanded GPU Monitoring to recognize more GPU and driver error codes.
  • Reduced the Low Volume Port auto threshold to exclude more ports with few workers.
  • Removed Italyiimp from the pools that auto-exchange as the pool is no longer active.
  • Fixed an issue where the software would not always select the fastest miner if the GPU is in profit-switching mode but energy usage information is unavailable.

Hash Auger 2.5.1

  • Upgraded EWBF to .6 (faster hash rates)
  • Added support for Equihash 96 on Zergpool
  • The number of allowed communication errors is now adjustable per pool. The default value is two times the number of installed GPUs.
  • Reversed the display order of API Key and API ID fields for NiceHash to reflect how they appear on the NiceHash website.

Hash Auger 2.5.0

  • Updated CryptoDredge to 9.2 (faster allium and phi2 hash rates for many GPUs)
  • Updated Z-Enemy to 1.21a (performance improvements).
  • Rewrote GPU Monitoring to access Nvidia's NVML API directly without the need to use an external application for better performance and reliability.
  • Improved detection of GPUs that are "lost" to the display driver. When Hash Auger is configured to reboot on device errors, HA will restart the rig if a GPU is no longer accessible on the bus.

Fixed an issue where clearing benchmarks for a GPU might trigger mining with other GPUs.

Hash Auger 2.4.6

  • Updated T-Rex to .6.10 (performance improvements and big fixes, T-Rex 6.7 - 6.9 were test releases only)
  • Updated Z-Enemy to 1.21 (performance improvements and bug fixes).
  • Realtime hash rates and stats are now shown for Klaust and Yescrypt miners.
  • Fixed issues related to auto-benchmarking updated miners not working in some situations.
  • Improvements to the Watchdog monitor to handle more situations where the software may be unresponsive.
  • Added Bitcoin-Gold to the coins that do not auto-exchange on Miningpoolhub.
  • Misc bug fixes and UI performance improvements.

Hash Auger 2.4.5

  • Benchmarking improvements and fixes.

Hash Auger 2.4.4

  • Increased the inactivity monitoring period for all mining programs to better accomodate increased difficulty for some algorithms and pools. This helps reduce unnecessary miner restarts in those situations.
  • Adjusted the maximum number of pool connection failures allowed for CryptoDredge to reflect its shorter than average retry delay.
  • Realtime T-Rex hash rates and share counts are now shown in the miner panels.
  • Improvements to GPU logging. In standard logging mode, log information is written to disk every 5 minutes for most miners. With Debug Logging, it is written to disk every minute.
  • Fixes an issue where GPU Monitoring might be started even though it has been disabled in the Config settings.

Hash Auger 2.4.3

  • Per Nicehash request, Hash Auger no longer attempts to download Excavator on behalf of users. New users can manually install Excavator 1.4.4 if they would like to use that mining program with Hash Auger. Instructions are available on the FAQ page:
  • Upgraded Ethminer to 16
  • Upgraded CoolMiner to 1.6
  • Expanded the WatchDog utility to check for situations where Hash Auger may not be responsive but still in the process tree.
  • Modified the Quick Setup program so that new users can select the two pools that they would like to enable. Since both Nicehash and MiningPoolHub require additional information, they must still be enabled via the Pools menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the software might not start mining after applying a new template to all GPUs and then benchmarking a limited number of mining programs.
  • Fixed an issue where some mining programs were not using the ID parameter with some Yiimp pools.
  • Fixed an issue where HA would restart some mining programs if they did not find a result after a few minutes.

Hash Auger 2.4.2

  • Upgraded T-Rex to .6.6 (faster BCD hash rates)
  • Added support for shutting down T-Rex via the API.
  • Disabled T-Rex's Telnet API server since Hash Auger does not use it and it will be removed from * T-Rex in an upcoming release.
  • Fixed an issue where auto-benchmarking updated miners may not start as intended.

Hash Auger 2.4.1

  • Upgrade T-Rex to 6.5
  • Upgrade Z-Enemy to 1.20
  • Fix an issue where pool data may not load when a pool does not provide a valid TimeSinceLast value for one or more coins.
  • Fix an issue where the OC Settings for individual benchmarks would not enable if the preferred miner was changed.

Hash Auger 2.3.7

  • Upgrade Z-Enemy to 1.19

Hash Auger 2.3.6

  • Pool Refresh Rates longer than an hour will now work as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the GPU Monitor might not restart after switching work.
  • Revisions to the Hashes Per Watt will now ignore data that is significantly higher or lower than the current value to prevent inaccurate data from skewing the results.

Hash Auger 2.3.5

  • Internet Connection Monitoring and Yescrypt benchmarking fixes

Hash Auger 2.3.4

  • Update CryptoDredge and Z-Enemy miners.

Hash Auger 2.3.3

  • Upgraded CryptoDredge to 9.0
  • Upgraded T-Rex to 6.3 (adds support for balloon, polytimos and skunk). Faster hash rates for other algos.
  • Upgraded Z-Enemy to 1.17 (significant hash rate improvements for a number of algorithms)
  • Upgraded Spmod-Raven to 10 (improved hash rates)
  • The benchmark button on the Device panel will now stop the benchmarking process.
  • Fixed delay in resuming mining that some users were experiencing after the dev contribution finished.
  • Fixed an issue with T-Rex exit API call.
  • Fixed an issue with Monacoin and some other coins not being used with the MC Parameter on Zergpool.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the selected config panel would not clear the GPU Manager or Benchmark Utility from the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where some disabled algorithms where not benchmarked when selected in the benchmark utility.

Hash Auger 2.3.1

  • Added a new internet connectivity check. Hash Auger will now suspend mining if it cannot connect to the internet without following the standard miner and pool error retry attempts. HA will automatically resume mining once the connection has been restored.
  • Upgraded Z-Enemy to 1.16 (faster hash rates for several algorithms).
  • Added a new FailSafe Benchmarks advanced config option to control whether or not previously benchmarked devices are re-benchmarked if their hash rates are reset.
  • The software will no longer attempt to reload the default if list of disabled miners and algorithms after GPUs have been benchmarked and the benchmarks are later cleared.
  • Fixed localization issues with the Avg Rate and Hash Rate Per Watt entry fields.
  • Improved handling of pool communication failures for some miners.
  • Misc bug fixes and usability enhancements.

Hash Auger 2.3
[li]Added new Benchmark controls via the Benchmark Utility. Select a list specific miners and and algorithms and benchmark them on all or just some GPUs with a custom duration.[/li]
[li]A new advanced configuration option can be used to have the software automatically benchmark new/upgraded miners. [/li]
[li]Added a new pool pricing option that averages recent price estimates. Users can adjust the time span used to calculate this moving average.[/li]
[li]Added the ability to pass custom parameters to mining executables. These parameters should be verified first in a command shell as any typos or errors will often prevent the miner from launching.[/li]
[li]Added the ability to disable the revise benchmarks feature for specific algorithms.[/li]
[li]Added the ability to assign group numbers to GPUs for configuration tasks. GPU Manager will preselect all devices with the same group number to simplify making changes to all the devices in that group.[/li]
[li]Added a new Value field to coins on pools that do not auto-exchange so that users can have the software switch to a coin even a mBTC price is not available (coins not available on an exchange).[/li]
[li]Adjusting hash rates based on pool performance is now a user-adjustable config setting.[/li]
[li]Modified the Profitability grid so that all price and hash rate adjustments are reflected in the totals shown in these columns.[/li]
[li]Improvements to the saving and loading of config files to verify that the file contains valid benchmark values.[/li]
[li]Upgraded spmod-raven to version 6.[/li]
[li]Per user request, added PhiPhi pool to the pools that auto-exchange.[/li]
[li]Fixed a localization issue with Cost Per KW/H field.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue with unconfirmed earnings not being shown for AHashPool.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where the earnings chart colors might not be consistent.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where coins without recent blocks were not always filtered out from some pools.[/li]

Hash Auger
[li]Upgrades CryptoDredge to 8.3 (fixes Phi2 issue and tribus improvements).[/li]
[li]Upgrades Dumax to 9.4 (fixes Phi2 compatibility).[/li]
[li]Upgrades Z-Enemy to 1.15 (adds support for Hex and speed improvements for most other algorithms).[/li]
[li]Removes old coin specific Equihash144 algorithms on Zergpool now that the auto-switch port is running.[/li]
[li]Adds a new utility to enable P0 State on certain Nvidia GPUs and a GPU specific option to force p0 state when setting overclocks.[/li]
[li]Improvements to the handling of corrupted config files.[/li]
[li]Misc bug fixed and usability enhancements.[/li]

Hash Auger 2.2.1
[li]Upgraded Spmod-Raven to .5 (faster x16r). This miner now requires Cuda 9.2 drivers so any existing HA users still using the 9.1 drivers should disable it. Due to the driver requirement, Spmod-Raven is now disabled by default on new installs.[/li]
[li]Added a warning to the GPU Monitoring feature about potential incompatibilities with the Nvidia-SMI program when other GPU utilities such as Afterburner and NvidiaInspector are also running.[/li]
[li]When the Auto Mine on Start feature is used, Hash Auger will restart itself if it detects an unrecoverable error.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue with the Peak Energy Power Limit not being always set when energy limits are used.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue with the Dev Contribution when one or miners crash during the contribution.[/li]

Hash Auger 2.2
[li]Added energy monitoring when GPU Monitoring is enabled. Hash Auger will now record the average watts used by each GPU while mining each algorithm and use that information to calculate the profitability of mining each coin based on the user-defined kilowatt/hour. Electric use is recorded during benchmarking and mining; users wanting to switch over to profit-based switching should re-benchmark to capture energy usage data more quickly.[/li]
[li]Added the ability to switch algorithms based on estimated profits instead of revenue. This is a device-specific setting so that users can enable it only on less efficient GPUs. Users can also enable profit based switched during their peak energy price hours and revenue-based switching when electric rates are cheaper.[/li]
[li]Per user request, added a downloads.log file to the Logs folder that records every time a miner is upgraded.[/li]
[li]Added support for the upcoming Equihash144 auto-switch port on Zergpool.[/li]
[li]Upgraded EWBF to .5.[/li]
[li]Upgraded Z-Enemy to 1.14 (adds HSR and Renesis support and substantial performance improvements for most algorithms).[/li]
[li]Upgraded T-Rex to 5.7 (adds Renesis support).[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where worker names would not appear on pool websites while benchmarking.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue with benchmarking multiple algorithms on Excavator.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where the preferred miner would not change if the previously preferred miner is disabled.[/li]
[li]Improved the detection of removed GPUs.[/li]
[li]Changing the average hash rate for a benchmarked algorithm will now update the Profitability grid.[/li]

[list][b]Hash Auger 2.1.2[/b]
[li]Added support for T-Rex Miner 5.5 (adds x16s).[/li]
[li]Added an advanced configuration option to disable GPU Monitoring.[/li]
[li]Added the ability to combine multiple wallets of the same coin into a single earnings tab (for example, combine internal Nicehash wallets with BTC wallets).[/li]
[li]Misc bug fixes and performance improvements.[/li]

Hash Auger 2.1.1
[li]Fixed an issue where a miner crash could stall the benchmarking process.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where device power limits may not be always be updated to the user's settings.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where benchmark averaging calculations might include hash rates of 0.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where GPUs that have been benchmarked for only a few algorithms were not always assigned the most profitable work.[/li]
[li]Refinements to the adjusting GPU fan speed based on temperature.[/li][/list]

Hash Auger 2.1.0
[li]Settings for miner and device error are now device specific so that users can adjust the limits based on each device's relative profitability and reliability.[/li]
[li]Added a new GPU panel that shows basic operating information (clock speed, temperature, power usage) for each GPU.[/li]
[li]Device utilization checks have been added to Hash Auger's monitoring of miner processes.[/li]
[li]Added the ability to automatically suspend mining on a device if the temperature rises above a user-defined limit.[/li]
[li]Added new device settings to change a GPU's power limit and fan speed based on two distinct temperature limits.[/li]
[li]Added an advanced config option to disable the retrieving of wallet balances on some rigs to reduce API calls for users who have multiple rigs sharing the same IP address.[/li]
[li]Added a button to delete coin records for pools that use dedicated ports.[/li]
[li]Added support for Zpool's new EU server.[/li]
[li]Added support for BitcoinZ, Safecoin and ZelCash Equihash144 coins on Zergpool.[/li]
[li]Benchmark time per algorithm is now user adjustable in the advanced config options.[/li]
[li]Upgraded CryptoDredge to .8[/li]
[li]Upgraded T-Rex to .5.4 (adds support for x16r)[/li]
[li]Added TitanMining and SubscriberPool to the pools that do not auto-exchange.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where the average hash rate unit was not being displayed in the benchmark tab.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where lyra2v2 coins where not appearing the coin tab for MiningPoolHub.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where balances would not display for Digibyte and Myriad coins on MiningPoolHub.[/li]
[li]Misc bug fixes and performance improvements.[/li]
[li]Since the majority of users do not use the functionality, CPU Mining has been removed from Hash Auger as of version 2.1. Users wanting to CPU mine can use version 2.0.3 for CPU mining and later versions for GPU mining.[/li]

Hash Auger 2.0.3
[li]Added Support for T-Rex miner 5.1 (c11, hsr, lyra2z, phi, phi2, x17).[/li]
[li]Updated Ravencoin miner to 3.1.[/li]
[li]Added an Errors output tab that shows a filtered list of error messages.[/li]
[li]More improvements to earnings tracking calculations to handle special circumstances.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where currency values for pool balances might not include unsold coins.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where workerID information was not sent to some pools that do not auto-exchange.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where the software would not always select the next fastest miner for an algorithm if the current miner is disabled due to repeated errors.[/li]
[li]Improvements to the handling of miner errors.[/li]
[li]Maximum allowed miner errors is now user-adjustable. This is the number of errors that can occur within an hour before a miner is disabled for a device.[/li]
[li]Total allowed errors per GPU is also now user-adjustable. This is the total number of errors that are allowed for a GPU before Hash Auger will stop using it or restart the rig (depending on user settings). Users can disable the automatic suspending of devices by entering 0 into this field.[/li]

Hash Auger 2.0.2
[li]Improvements to earnings calculations when frequent payouts occur for the same wallet.[/li]
[li]Wallets are now sorted by name.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where the grid column headers in the Benchmarks tab of the device panels would sometimes be hidden based on the window size.[/li]
[li]Added GPU numbers to Miner Output tab headers to better identify which device each tab corresponds to.[/li]
[li]Misc bug fixes and usability enhancements.[/li]

Hash Auger 2.0.1
[li]Fixed a stability issue that can occur when multiple coins of the same algorithm are assigned to the same non-auto-exchange pool.[/li]
[li]Improvements to earnings tracking to fix issues that some users were experiencing.[/li]
[li]Average Actual Hash Rate for each miner/algorithm is now displayed in the Benchmarks tab for each device.[/li]
[li]Improvements to x16 hash rate calculations to moderate changes in the average hash rate.[/li]
[li]Added basic validation for BTC addresses to warn if an address may not be valid.[/li]
[li]Improved incompatibility when pools use variations of coin names.[/li]
[li]Removed the check for already running instance as it was preventing the app from starting in rare cases.[/li]
[li]Added a splash screen to indicate that the app is loading.[/li]

Hash Auger 2.0
[li]Added new charts and tables to track earnings across multiple wallets and pools. [/li]
[li]Added the ability to track balances and earnings for pools that are currently disabled.[/li]
[li]Added a Pause Auto Switch button so that users can choose to mine the current coin indefinitely.[/li]
[li]Upgraded Z-Enemy to 1.12a[/li]
[li]Upgraded CoolMiner to 1.5[/li]
[li]Upgraded CryptoDredge to .7[/li]
[li]Upgraded EWBF to .4[/li]
[li]Added support for Equihash192 (Zero coin) and Equihash144 (Snowgem) on Zergpool.[/li]
[li]Improvements to miner process handling so that any stray miner processes are automatically closed.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where devices would not start mining a second algorithm after the software blocked the only available miner for an algorithm due to too many errors.[/li]
[li]Fixed issues with overclock settings and benchmarking.[/li]
[li]Downloaded miner files that could not be installed are no longer deleted so that users can perform a manual install.[/li]

Hash Auger Maintenance Release
[li]Miners that support Equihash will now benchmark on Zergpool.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where Excavator would not use the MC Parameter.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where entries for Lyra2v2 coins would duplicate on the MPH Coin tab.[/li]
[li]Misc UI performance improvements.[/li]

[list][b]Hash Auger Maintenance Release[/b]
[li]Further refinements to the Start Mining button and the handling of situations where pool data could not be downloaded.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where Mixed Pricing would not work with the MC Parameter pricing option.[/li]
[li]Miscellaneous bug fixes.[/li]

Hash Auger Maintenance Release
[li]Improved compatibility for Bitcoin-Gold on MPH after the recent fork. Since this coin does not currently autp-exchange on MPH, users wanting to mine it will need to enable the "Include coins that do not auto-exchange" pricing option for the pool.[/li]
[li]Upgraded Z-Enemy to 1.12 (adds support for Phi2 and SonoA)[/li]
[li]Upgraded EWBF to .03 (faster 144,5 Equihash variant)[/li]
[li]All miners that previously benchmarked offline now benchmark on a pool for better result consistency among miners. Unlike with some other algorithm-switching applications, HA users receive all earnings from benchmarking.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where the Start Mining button was enabled before pool data had finished downloading.[/li]

Hash Auger Maintenance Release
[li]To say thanks to all the Hash Auger users who have provided much support and feedback, the developer contribution has been lowered to 15 minutes a day.[/li]
[li]Adds a new Debug Logging Mode that writes the HA log file directly to disk to help troubleshoot stability issues involving specific algorithms and GPUs.[/li]
[li]Fixes an issue where wallet balances were not being displayed for certain coins on MiningPoolHub.[/li]
[li]Updates CryptoDredge to version .6[/li]
[li]Adds support for PigeonCoin miner.[/li]
[li]Adds beta support for new Bitcoin-Gold Equihash 144,5 algorithm on MiningPoolHub using EWBF .2. Users will have to wait until after the Bitcoin-Gold hard fork (estimated to be sometime on July 3rd) is complete to be able to mine this coin; HA is no longer compatible with the prior version of Bitcoin-Gold on MPH. To start mining the new version of Bitcoin-Gold, users will need to both enable the EWBF miner and enable the Include Coins That Do Not Auto-Exchange price setting for Mining Pool Hub.[/li]

Hash Auger Maintenance Release
[li]Improved support for mining aergon/aeriumx with Z-Enemy.[/li]
[li]Improvements to live benchmarking when multiple eligible pools are enabled.[/li]
[li]The name of the algorithm being benchmarked is now displayed in each miner panel.[/li]
[li]Upgrade Dumax Miner to 9.3 (improved Phi2 support for Luxcoin).[/li]
[li]Upgrade CryptoDredge to 5.1[/li]
[li]Older and abandoned miners such as the Alexis78 variants and Nanashi are now disabled by default as they may have stability issues on some systems and are not usually the fastest miners for any algorithm. Any and all of these miners can be enabled by the user and this change will not affect existing users.[/li]
[li]Unpaid NiceHash mining balances are now included when using the Include Unpaid Amounts application setting.[/li]

Hash Auger Maintenance Release
[li]Upgraded Tpruvot 2.3 (adds support for SonoA).[/li]
[li]Added support for DumaxMiner (phi, x16r, x16s, x17).[/li]
[li]Added support for yescrypt GPU mining.[/li]
[li]Hash Auger now automatically creates backups of device files and will automatically reload a backup file if the original was accidentally erased.[/li]
[li]Coins that do not auto-exchange on MiningPoolHub are now excluded by default. A new pool pricing option has been included to include these coins.[/li]

[b]Hash Auger Maintenance Release[/b]
[li]Fixes a unit conversion issue with x16r and some miners.[/li]
[li]Adjusts input format of custom port volume thresholds to reflect these values should be entered as percentages.[/li]
[li]Disabled Devices and Pools no longer appear in the Pool Rates and Miners tabs.[/li]

Hash Auger Maintenance Release
[li]Upgraded CryptoDredge to 0.5[/li]
[li]Added support for CoolMiner (Lyra2z - requires Cuda 9.2 SDK compatible Nvidia drivers).[/li]
[li]Added some new coins for wallets and direct mining.[/li]
[li]Misc bug fixes and performance improvements.[/li]

[b]Hash Auger Maintenance Release[/b]
[li]Removed Delos miner due to dev fee issues and other concerns and the developers lack of response.[/li]
[li]Added Ahashpool and Zpool to the pools that are used for live benchmarking. As always, earnings from benchmarking are credited to the user's wallet.[/li]
[li]Modifications to the price estimates for x16r to better reflect the algorithm's variable hash rates.[/li]
[li]Expanded the new low/high volume pool port settings so that the thresholds are now user-adjustable per pool/algorithm.[/li]
[li]Misc bug fixes and UI tweaks.[/li]

Hash Auger Maintenance Release
[li]Improved integration with CryptoDredge so that it no longer mines in separate windows.[/li]
[li]Fixed a localization issue with benchmarking CryptoDredge 4.1.[/li]
[li]Added Keccakc support for Tpruvot miner.[/li]
[li]Added new pool price filtering options to exclude ports with low and extremely high volumes of mining activity.[/li]
[li]Adjusted Rabbit coin to fix an issue when using the MC Parameter with Zergpool.[/li]
[li]Most recent window size and position is now saved and automatically loaded on application start.[/li]
[li]Error handling improvements while downloading pool data.[/li]

Hash Auger Maintenance Release
[li]Updated CryptoDredge to 0.4.1 (Adds support for Lyra2z)[/li]
[li]Added new option to show/hide the CPU and related UI components.[/li]
[li]Most miners that require live benchmarking will now use Blockmasters in addition to Blazepool and Zergpool.[/li]
[li]Fixed a pricing issue with some algorithms when using BlockMasters and the MC Parameter option.[/li]

Hash Auger and Maintenance Release
[li][b] Fixes a display issue that users in some locales were experiencing while mining with Z-Enemy.[/b][/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where Excavator would not receive work from MiningPoolHub.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where a failed miner install would prevent the automatic start of mining on startup.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where algorithm-specific overclock settings would not copy from the GPU Manager to devices if the preferred miners were different between the template and the device. This issue only occurred when using a blank template rather than one based on a device.[/li]
[li]Improved file I/O performance on systems with many GPUs.[/li]
[li]Improved performance and responsiveness when downloading miners.[/li]
[li]Enhanced the auto-reboot feature to include situations where a GPU is still recognized by the device driver but still fails to mine despite repeated attempts.[/li]

Hash Auger 1.9.8 Maintenance Release
[li]Added Support for CryptoDredge 0.4.0 (allium, lyra2v2, neoscrypt, phi, phi2).[/li]
[li]Added support for RavenCoinMiner (x16r).[/li]
[li]Added an Advanced configuration option to automatically reboot the system if the software recognizes that a GPU is no longer recognized by the device driver. When this setting is off, Hash Auger will stop using the affected GPU while still mining with all other GPUs.[/li]
[li]Hash Auger will now suspend overclock settings for a particular algorithm/GPU if too many miner errors occur with the algorithm's current overclock settings.[/li]
[li]Added support for mixed price estimates on most pools. In addition to using current estimates or actual prices, prices can now be calculated as a combination of both (80% estimate and 20% actual for example). Users can adjust the ratio for each pool and define custom ratios for specific algorithms or coins on each pool.[/li]
[li]Further improvements to the handling of repeated miner errors for the same GPU.[/li]
[li]Upgraded Tpruvot to 2.2.6 (adds support for allium and phi2)[/li]
[li]Upgraded DelosMiner to 1.3.0a (improved DevFee logging)[/li]
[li]Based on user feedback, changed the icons on the Enable/Disable Miner button to reflect the current status of the miner. The tooltip for this button has also been revised to indicate the miner's current status. [/li]

Hash Auger 1.9.7 Maintenance Release
[li]Added support for Palginmod miner 1.1 (Lyra2v2, Skein and x17).[/li]
[li]Added support for Excavator 1.4.4a (Equihash, Lyra2v2 and Neoscrypt). [/li]
[li]Upgraded Delos miner to 1.3 - adds support for Skein and Lyra2v2 plus performance improvements for existing algorithms. Merged both Delos miners into a single version. However, due to reports of this miner's dev fee being larger than advertised, its miner fee has been adjusted and this miner is disabled by default for new installations. Existing users can disable this miner via the UI if they prefer to not use it until the Delos developer has responded to these concerns.[/li]
[li]Upgraded Z-Enemy to 1.1.1 v4 (fixes C11 issue).[/li]
[li]Added support for Delos and Delos-x16r miners (supports bitcore, hmq1725, hsr, phi, skunk, x16r, x16s and x17).[/li]
[li]Upgraded Z-Enemy to 1.11 (adds support for aeriumx, c11, polytimos, skunk, timetravel plus performances improvements for x16 and other algorithms). [/li]
[li]Added compatibility with the new mbtc_mh_factor added to the Yiimp API. While a transparent feature for most users, this will help reduce pricing errors due to pools changing their pricing factors.[/li]
[li]Algorithms that are disabled on all devices are now unchecked in the Pool Algorithm lists. This is only a visual change as these algorithms would not have run anyway.[/li]
[li]Fixed issue with mouse scroll wheel no longer working with the Benchmark grid on device panels.[/li]
[li]Improvements to the benchmarking process when communication with a pool is temporarily interrupted.
[li]Improvements to the miner download and installation process when an archive is unavailable.[/li]
[li]Adjustments to the developer contribution to include a grace period when the software is started near the end of the day. [/li]

Hash Auger 1.9.6 Maintenance Release
[li]Added Italyiimp to the pools that auto-exchange. [/li]
[li]Improvements to the Device Panels to show more benchmarks on the screen at one time. Display panels are now collapsible, providing more vertical space for an expanded device's benchmark list. Also, the device panels have been widened so that the full width of the benchmark grid is displayed without horizontal scrolling.[/li]
[li]UI improvements to better accomodate users with many GPUs. The Miner Stat area now supports multiple columns of panels if the screen space is available. Also, main areas of the Mine tab are now resizable so that the width of the Miner Stat area can be increased relative to the rest of the window. Similarly, the Profitability grid and Output panel can also be resized to make either taller or shorter.[/li]
[li]Added the ability to enable and disable specific miners for individual devices and in the GPU Manager. Select the miner to be enabled/disabled and then press the button with the light bulb icon to turn the selected miner on or off. The button's icon shows whether the selected miner will be turned off or on after the button is clicked. For example, a lit bulb indicates that the miner is currently disabled and pressing the button will enable it.[/li]
[li]Added support for Delos and Delos-x16r miners (supports bitcore, hmq1725, hsr, phi, skunk, x16r, x16s and x17).[/li]
[li]Upgraded Z-Enemy to 1.11 (adds support for aeriumx, c11, polytimos, skunk, timetravel plus performances improvements for x16 and other algorithms). [/li]
[li]Improvements to benchmarking Justaminer.[/li]
[li]Benchmarking XMRig-Nvidia and XMRig-CPU will now use either MiningPoolHub or NiceHash instead of requiring that MiningPoolHub be enabled.[/li]
[li]Benchmarking DSTM will now use either Nicehash, MiningPoolHub or Zpool depending on which pool is enabled.[/li]
[li]Added support for CryptoNight-Heavy on NiceHash.[/li]
[li]Removed the original Cryptonight algorithm on Nicehash due to extremely low GPU earnings. Cryptonightv7 is now Cryptonight on NiceHash for consistency other pools.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where GPU identifiers were not included in the worker names when mining on NiceHash. [/li]
[li]Miscellaneous UI performance improvements.[/li]

Hash Auger 1.9.5 Maintenance Release
[li]Added support for the OMGEthEnlargementPill for ethash mining and benchmarking. This setting can be enabled for 1080/1080ti and Titan XP devices only. When used, the software will automatically launch the utility program when a supported GPU is mining Ethash and then close the program when the GPU moves to a different algorithm. With Hash Auger's built-in support for per-algorithm overclocking profiles, users can easily tune their card's memory clocks to take full advantage of this new feature. Current users wanting to use this feature should clear their benchmark for ethash on the appropriate GPUs and rebenchmark so the algorithm switcher uses the revised hash rates. [/li]
[li]Improvements to the Build Larger Shares pool option to avoid staying on work whose estimated earnings have dropped significantly regardless of the current share's estimated size.[/li]
[li]Usability enhancements to the GPU Manager. First, the Include Hash Rates option is disabled when a blank template is used to prevent accidentally copying over device benchmarks. Second, a Override Locked Miners option can be used to replace locked preferred miners; otherwise, the GPU Manager will now skip changing a miner when it is locked.[/li]
[li]Added a new Backup command to archive all configuration and device template files into a single .zip file.[/li]
[li]Upgraded EthMiner to version .14.[/li]
[li]Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.[/li]

Hash Auger 1.9.4 Maintenance Release
[li]Added Powermining and Spool to the pools that do not auto-exchange.[/li]
[li]Lowered the minimum Pool Refresh Rate to 5 minutes per user request. The default value remains 10 minutes.[/li]
[li]Added the ability to define price adjustment percents for individual algorithms on auto-exchange pools and specific coins on MiningPoolHub and pools that do not auto-exchange. [/li]
[li]Added the ability to set manual difficulty levels per algorithm for each device for Yiimp-based pools.[/li]
[li]Users can now enable/disable specific coins instead of algorithms on MiningPoolHub.[/li]
[li]Custom difficulty percentages can now be set for algorithms that use CCMiner variants so that the pool's auto difficulty levels can be adjusted. It is recommended that small increments (98%, 102%, etc) be used when tuning this setting. This setting cannot be used when using the manual difficulty setting.[/li]
[li]Updated price unit of x13 on Zpool.[/li]
[li]Enabled x17 for Z-enemy.[/li]
[li]Added a link to each pool's website in the pool settings.[/li]
[li]Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.[/li]

Hash Auger 1.9.3 Maintenance Release
This release focuses on behind-the-scenes code changes to fix some intermittent issues that a few users were having as well as improve application performance. Also, the Build Bigger Shares option is now hidden on pools that do not support this new feature. More new features are coming soon in 1.9.4.

Hash Auger 1.9.2 Maintenance Release
[li]Added a new Build Larger Shares option for most auto-exchange pools. When this setting is enabled for a pool, the software will delay switching work regardless of any change in price estimates if your estimate share of the next reward is extremely small. This can help improve your earnings for popular algorithms on bigger pools by building a larger stake in profitable coins. However, it also means that the software will keep mining a coin despite any fluctuations in its current earnings estimates.[/li]
[li]Added the ability to lock preferred miners for specific algorithms so they won't be changed after benchmarking or when using the Change Preferred Miners feature. Locked preferred miners are useful when you have set custom intensity values for some miners but want other miners to change based on their actual performance.[/li]
[li]Improvements to the handling of crashed miners.[/li]
[li]Upgraded Z-Enemy miner to version 1.10 Service Release.[/li]

Hash Auger 1.9.1 Maintenance Release
[li]Fixed an issue where algorithms could not be disabled for certain pools.[/li]
[li]Improved performance when copying device settings to many GPUs at once.[/li]
[li]Improved startup time and UI responsiveness while fetching data.[/li]
[li]Improvements to how both the Minimum Earnings Amount and Price Spike Limits are used to better handle situations when the estimate for a coin significantly changes after the software has started mining it. [/li]
[li]Added The Queen Bee Hive to the pools that do not auto-exchange.[/li]

Hash Auger 1.9.0
[li]Added the ability to filter the Profitability grid by Device, Pool and/or Algorithm. [/li]
[li]Improved compatibility with Yiimp pools that have dedicated coin ports and do not auto-exchange. Since these dedicated ports are an add-on to the Yiimp platform and not currently supported by its API, users have to manually enter the port numbers for the coins they wish to mine on these pools. Since these pools do not auto-exchange, port numbers are only required for each coin wallet that is assigned to each of these pools.
Once a port number has been assigned to a coin, the coin will be used like any other non-auto-exchange coin in the software (auto algorithm switching, manual selection, etc). [/li]

[li]Added the following pools that do not auto-exchange and have dedicated coin ports: HashFaster,, Protopool, Saltpool[/li]
[li]Updated the following pools that now use dedicated coin ports:, AntMine, BSOD,,,Quantum Mining Pool,[/li]
[li]Added Hash4Life to the pools that do not auto-exchange and do not use dedicated coin ports.[/li]
[li]Added to auto-exchange pools.[/li]
[li]Updated BSOD pool with new server locations.[/li]
[li]Improved Handling of Stratum Connection Interrupted errors with the Alexis and CCMiner-Phi miners.[/li]
[li]Improved auto-start mining on application startup when pool data is slow to download.[/li]
[li]Worker ID's sent to the pools now include the device number (or custom description if one has been saved for a device) for each mining process.[/li]
[li]Upgraded Nevermore miner to 2.3[/li]
[li]Upgraded Z-Enemy to 1.10[/li]

Hash Auger 1.8.9
[li]Added two new price settings for Yiimp-based pools: Include Ports With No Recent Results and Include Ports With No Active Miners. Both of the options are off by default and help improve earnings on pools with light or infrequent mining on some ports. These settings will have less of an effect when mining on bigger pools that are less likely to have ports with these conditions. Both of these new settings are pool-specific so that they can be enabled on specific pools if preferred. [/li]
[li]Modified the configuration files to improve globalization compatibility with certain locales.[/li]
[li]Modified the User Interface to address an incompatibility with remote viewing software such as Team Viewer (if this fix doesn't completely address the issue on some systems, there is also a registry change that has been found to also solve the issue of the blank window). This change can also improve mining performance on the primary GPU even when the system is physically connected to a monitor.[/li]
[li]Added support for JustaMiner's HSR Neoscrypt miner.[/li]
[li]Upgraded the following miners: [/li]
[li]Z-Enemy -> 1.09b (Performance improvements and adds support for Tribus algorithm)[/li]
[li]XMRig-CPU -> 2.6.2[/li]
[li]Jaydee CPU Miner ->[/li]

Hash Auger 1.8.8 is another maintenance release that contains the following improvements:

Added support for the new MC parameter on the BlockMasters pool. Now users can mine and auto-switch specific coins in addition to the pool's regular coin-switching ports while still auto-exchanging to BTC or LTC.
Improved config file I/O for better performance and handling of file lock issues.
Enhanced miner process management to better monitor for and shutdown miner processes that fail to exit normally.

Hash Auger 1.8.7 maintenance release includes the following changes:

[li]Improved handling of stratum connection failures by increasing tolerance for short breaks in connectivity. Clarified error messages to provide more details about the type of error and how the software will respond.[/li]
[li]Added a Recalc Miners button to the Benchmarks tab on each Device panel and the GPU Manager so that users can have the software manually update preferred miners based on changes to benchmarks and each device's actual performance.[/li]
[li]Updated z-enemy and spmod-raven miners to their latest versions.[/li]

Hash Auger 1.8.6 has been released. The improvements in this update are:
[li]Added ccminer-phi and the new Spmod Raven miner (x16s disabled until a new binary is released due to CPU validation errors in the current version).[/li]
[li]Re-enabled Nanashi miner with some tweaks to the default intensity levels to make it more stable on 1080ti GPUs. [/li]
[li]Added AntMinePool and RushHourMining to the pools that do not auto-exchange.[/li]
[li]When the Update Benchmarks With Actual Rates setting is enabled, the percentage difference between each miner's actual hash rate and its benchmarked rate is now displayed for each algorithm making it easier for users to compare each miner's real-world performance. Users can reset this value to see the effects of overclocking or intensity tuning without having to re-benchmark. [/li]
[li]Hash Auger can now automatically change an algorithm's preferred miner based on actual mining performance. This is useful when a miner benchmarks at a higher rate than it actually performs. However, this setting is disabled by default so that it doesn't interfere with users who define custom algorithm intensity values that are usually miner specific. The Change Preferred Miner Automatically application setting can only be used when the Update Benchmarks With Actual Rates feature is also enabled.
[li]The Hash Auger logs are no longer saved to disk automatically. The new Write Hash Auger Log to Disk application setting can be used to regularly save the log as a text file.[/li]
[li]Missing API Key/ID warnings for MiningPoolHub and NiceHash are now only shown once during application startup.[/li]
[li]Improvements to the miner installation process to better address situations where one or more miners could not be installed or are automatically deleted by Windows Defender or other anti-virus software.[/li]
[li]Expanded error checking in the GPU Manager.[/li]
[li]Added algorithm specific variants of Verge and Shield to the list of wallet coins.[/li]

Hash Auger 1.8.5 is a small maintenance release primarily focused on some UI issues involving the new GPU Manager interface:
[li]Fixed a UI refresh issue where algorithms in the list for each auto-exchange pool would not enable/disable until the software was restarted if an algorithm was disabled/enabled for devices.[/li]
[li]Previously created device template files used by the GPU Manager are now updated with any new algorithms and miners that may have added to the software after these files were created when they are opened after an upgrade.[/li]
[li]Fixed display issues involving the Benchmark grids in both the Device panels and the GPU Manager where the currently displayed benchmarks wouldn't always reflect new values due to data caching.[/li]
[li]Users can now elevate the CPU processor priority of most GPU mining processes to improve latency. This is a device specific setting that can be enabled for the highest throughput devices in a system. Users are advised to enable this setting for one device at a time to determine how it affects system responsiveness. It strongly recommended to not enable this setting on every device on systems with more GPUs than processor cores as it will reduce performance rather than improve it. This setting should not be used on any GPU while CPU mining as it will adversely affect the performance of the CPU miner.[/li]
[li]Added a warning message about using the CPU Cuda Scheduler and Elevated Process settings on too many GPUs in the same system.[/li]
[li]Enabled changing intensity settings for Xevan and Z-Enemy miners[/li]
[li]Fixes an issue where Phi was not being enabled for Z-Enemy in certain upgrade situations[/li]

The following fixes and improvements are in Hash Auger 1.8.4:
[li]Added Z-Enemy Miner 1.08 for faster Bitcore, Phi, x16r and x16s mining.[/li]
[li]New CPU Affinity feature assigns individual miner processes to specific CPU cores to increase GPU mining performance. This feature is disabled on CPUs with less than 4 cores and turned off by default on systems where there are more GPUs than CPU cores. Whether or not this feature improves performance on systems with more GPUs than CPU cores depends on the overall speed of the CPU, number of GPUs and the other background tasks running on the system. This feature is turned off when the CPU is enabled for mining. This feature can be turned on and off manually in the new Advanced Settings tab.[/li]
[li]Hash Auger will now automatically switch to using an alternative miner (when one is available) after multiple miner errors have occurred while mining an algorithm with the preferred miner.[/li]
[li]Added a new Quick Setup feature for new users. After the user has entered a computer name, a Bitcoin or Litecoin wallet address and selected a display currency, the software will automatically create an appropriate wallet, configure two auto-exchange pools and start benchmarking the devices.[/li]
[li]DSTM can now be benchmarked when either MiningPoolHub or Zpool is enabled instead of requiring that MiningPoolHub be enabled. Also, the DSTM benchmarking process will automatically extend itself for a few more iterations if a result has not been found during the default benchmarking time.[/li]
[li]Added a Quick Setup window for new users. After the user has entered a computer name, a Bitcoin or Litecoin wallet address and selected a display currency, the software will automatically setup an appropriate wallet, configure two auto-exchange pools and start benchmarking the devices.[/li]
[li]Added the option to exclude benchmark hash rates when copying device settings in the GPU Manager.[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where the device Minimum Earnings Amount was being ignored in certain situations.[/li]
[li]Fixed an application error that occurred when manually starting to mine with an algorithm that hasn't been benchmarked yet.[/li]
[li]Fixed display issues on rigs with a large number of GPUs[/li]
[li]Updated XMRig-Nvidia to 2.6.1[/li]
[li]Updated XMRig-CPU to 2.5.3 since 2.6 is still in beta.[/li]
[li]Updated JayDee miner to 3.8.8[/li]
[li]Divided the App Settings between General and Advanced tabs.[/li]

Hash Auger 1.8.3 hash been released with the following new features:

[li]The new GPU Manager panel consolidates the configuration of multiple GPUs into a single, unified display; the individual device panels are still available for making device specific adjustments and/or modify CPU settings. In the GPU Manger, users define a group of settings, select the GPUs that those settings will be applied to and then press the Apply button in the lower right corner. All GPU settings can be adjusted using this feature, including algorithm-specific overclock and intensity settings. Users can select a GPU's current settings as the basis for the new settings and then adjust those settings instead of manually entering new settings. GPU configurations can also be saved to disk as template files and then applied later on. For instance, users may want to define separate overclock profiles to account for seasonal differences in ambient temperature and/or electric rates or to test more aggressive overclock settings. Device template files also allow users to easily transfer Hash Auger device settings from one rig to another. [/li]
[li]Modified the behavior of the Auto-Update Benchmark feature so that it now tracks performance for each pool individually so that the algorithm-switcher can now compare hash rate performance between pools along with prices, fees and other factors. Users can still define an overall hash rate adjustment for each pool and both adjustments will be used in the calculations.[/li]
[li]The Update Available notification is now more visible. The Gear icon in the Setup tab is now replaced by the Download Package icon when a newer version of the software is available. This makes the notification much more apparent when the Mine tab has focus. The Download Update button on the Setup tab is unchanged. The Update Available message box that appeared on startup has been removed to streamline the auto-start process. [/li]
[li]Added new APAC and UK servers for Quantum Mining Pool.[/li]
[li]Added several new wallet coins[/li]

Hash Auger 1.8.2 includes the following updates:
[li]Improved handling of Stratum Connection Failed miner errors. If the software encounters a communication error involving more than three different algorithms on the same pool within an hour, the software will temporarily disable the pool when using the algorithm switching feature. If the user is mining a specific coin and more than 10 of these errors occur for the selected pool within the same hour, the software will temporarily disable the pool and turn on automatic algorithm switching so that the mining rigs stay productive.[/li]
[li]Users can now choose to include unpaid (immature and confirmed) balances in wallet amounts for pools that provide this information. This is an application and not a pool-specific setting. [/li]
[li]Individual algorithms can now be disabled for auto-exchange pools to prevent the automatic algorithm switcher from using specific algorithms on each of these pools. This setting does not affect the ability to manually select specific coins for mining.[/li]
[li]The number of seconds that the software will wait before starting a new algorithm (the cool-down period) on each GPU is now a user-customizable setting. Users with 1060 and 1070 GPUs can usually use a lower setting than users with 1080s. Some users with 1080ti GPUs or highly overclocked cards may prefer an even longer cool-down period. The default value for this setting is 10 seconds and the minimum value is 5 seconds. This is a device-specific setting, so users can set different cool down periods for different cards. The easiest way to determine the optimal cool-down setting for a GPU is to watch the device usage in a utility such as Afterburner and time how long it takes for the GPU to drop back to its idle clock speed (usually around 140 mhz) after it stops mining. [/li]
[li]Users can now enable a more CPU-intensive cuda scheduler for individual GPUs. Doing can provide GPUs with faster access to the CPU to validate results and get new work - which may improve hash rate consistency for high-throughput cards. However, this comes at the cost of higher CPU utilization for each card that uses this setting. Therefore, use of this feature should be limited to the fastest cards in a system and should not be used when also mining with the CPU. On systems with more GPUs than processor cores, it is usually more efficient to limit use of this feature to a subset of cards so that the CPU is not fully utilized. For example, on an eight core processor, consider enabling this feature on no more than six cards. Only some versions of CCMiner miner support this feature.[/li]
[li]Benchmarking Nevermore and Xevan miners will now use either Blazepool or Zergpool depending on which pool is enabled instead of requiring Zergpool to be enabled. [/li]
[li]Added Lyra2, Sib and Myr-gyr to the list of algorithms that are disabled by default for new users and when benchmarks are reset.[/li]
[li]Since Nevermore is a full CCMiner variant, more algorithms than just x16r and x16s are now enabled for it. Depending on the user's hardware, this miner may be faster at some algorithms than the other versions of CCMiner also included in the software.[/li]
[li]Included Alexis CCMiner which may provide higher hash rates for x17 and a few other algorithms.[/li]
[li]The automatic selection of the preferred miner for each algorithm during benchmarking now considers each miner's dev fee.[/li]
[li]API Key and API ID are now hidden for those pools that do not use these settings (basically every pool except for NiceHash and MiningPoolHub).[/li]
[li]Fixed an issue where the Algorithm Overclock input boxes wouldn't properly enable/disable in certain situations after copying benchmarks from one device to another.[/li]
[li]Added Monkey and a few more x11 coins to the list of wallet coins.[/li]