Hash Auger uses the nvml.dll file included with the Nvidia device drivers for monitoring GPUs. Recent changes to the Nvidia device drivers may prevent Hash Auger from finding the correct version of this file. Older versions of the drivers (prior to Cuda 11 - version numbers less than 450 - do not have this issue).

The issue is that there are two different versions of the nvml.dll file. The smaller file that is in the system path is not compatibile with HashAuger and many other mining programs. Both files can be located by searching the Windows/System32 directory using File Explorer. The version of the file that is in the System32 directory and has a file size of 595 kb will not be recognized by Hash Auger and other mining programs. The other larger version of this file (approximately 1050 kb) that is located in a subdirectory of Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\ and with a name that begins with nv_dispi.inf is the correct version of nvml.dll. Note that the exact directory name will be probably be different from system to system, but the most important difference between these two files is the file size: the correct file is almost twice the size as the other file.

The easiest and recommended way to fix this issue is to copy the larger nvml.dll file to the same directory as HashAuger.exe (unless a custom install location was used, this is the user's AppData/local/CongeriesSoftware/HashAuger directory). Updates to HashAuger shouldn't remove or replace this file once it has been copied. An alternative would be to add the directory that contains the larger nvml.dll file to the system path, but that location may change with future versions of the Nvidia device drivers.