Hash Auger utilizes two distinct sets of data files. One set of data files is stored in the Static Data folder and is updated as algorithms, coins, pools and mining programs are added to the software. A second set of files can be saved to the User Data folder and will be unaffected by software updates so that can customize their Hash Auger installation. All user files must be named after the corresponding static data file, but begin with the word "user" (ex: usercoins.json, userpools.json, etc).

The corresponding pairs of files use the same JSON format so that entries from a static data file can be copied to the user data file and then modified as needed. Hash Auger will check the User Data file for the existence of each user file on startup and merge entries into its internal data set. Any user data entries with the same name as an entry in the static data will be ignored.

Specific instructions on how to define the user data files can be found below: